Darko Marinov's Students

I am always seeking bright, motivated (undergrad or grad) students to work with on projects related to my research interests. If you are interested to work with my group, please email me or drop by my office.

I currently advise several students and have worked with many more over the years.

Current Students

Graduated Graduate Students

Former Graduate Students

Former Visitors

Former Undergraduate Students

Remote Mini-Crowd Undergraduate Summer Research Program

Co-organized with Wing Lam a remote program for 19 pre-graduate (undergraduate and high-school) students in Summer 2021 (still the COVID era): Co-organized with Saikat Dutta a remote program for 18 pre-graduate students in Summer 2023:

Students Supervised at MIT

As a PhD student at MIT, I was fortunate to work with 12 undergraduate and M.Eng. students, mostly through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) and on Advanced Undergraduate Projects (AUP). Sarfraz Khurshid and I co-supervised 9 students in the MulSaw project, and I supervised 3 students in the D2 project.