The right to participate in the Yugoslav Student Summer Program belonged to all teaching assistants, all students whose average grade was nine or more, the students of the third and fourth years of studies if the studies lasted four years, the students of the fifth year if their studies lasted five or six years, medical students in their sixth year of studies and apsolventi, i.e. the students who had finished attending all the courses but had not passed all the exams yet. In their application for the Program, the applicants were required to state their fields of interest. All pre-selected students and teaching assistants took an English essay test administered by Dr. Radulovacki at the Universities of Belgrade and Novi Sad. The testing took place once a year and the essays were evaluated in Chicago by Dr.Radulovacki, who made the final selection of participants on the basis of the applicants` average grades and their essay results. When the final selection of applicants was made, the list of chosen participants was sent to the Universities in Belgrade and Novi Sad. Before that, Dr. Radulovacki contacted departments at UIC and checked which one of them was willing to accept the students from Yugoslavia for one month stay.